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History of Federicis Italian Restaurant

When you visit Federici's Restaurant, not only will you be impressed by our exceptional staff and warm decor, but by the history of the building.  The Federici family turned an old hotel into a Freehold tradition that has delighted families from near and far for over 85 years.

Today, Federici's can accommodate more than 275 guests in three dining rooms, a full-service bar and lounge, and a beautiful outside dining cafe. Our extensive menu is the result of years of dedication and hard work by our family, and a deep respect for our humble beginnings.

Frank "Pop" Federici was born in Castle Grande, Italy, while his wife Ester "Mom" Cirello was born in Foggia. They came to America in the early 1900s to realize their dream of a new life and new family. Mom and Pop Federici settled in Freehold, N.J.  In 1921, Dante Federici, the second of four children was born.

1921 ~ Mom and Pop Federici bought the Wolcott Hotel at 14 East Main Street.  There were nine modest bedrooms upstairs, with the family living in two of them.  The remaining seven were for boarders. Downstairs was a billard parlor and small restaurant that served only spaghetti and sandwiches.

1924 ~ Frank "Spat" Federici Jr. was born in the upstairs bedroom of the Wolcott Hotel. Today, that area is our upstairs dining room, where a plaque commemorates his birth room.

1928 ~ The growing Federici family was becoming too large to stay at the Wolcott Hotel. Frank Federici built a seven bedroom house on Lincoln Place.  They continued to run the Wolcott Hotel and restaurant.

1932 ~ One of the first liquor licenses in Freehold Borough was issued to the Federici family. The billiard parlor was transformed into a full bar where you could get a beer for a nickel and a shot for a dime!!  The Wolcott Hotel was now known as Frank's Bar.

1938 ~ With business growing by leaps and bounds, the Federici’s added a full kitchen. Mom Federici perfected many of the recipes that everyone enjoys today. Years later, the continued popularity of the restaurant would make it necessary to extend the dining area and move the kitchen yet again.

1946 ~ After serving the nation during the Second World War, Spat and Dante decided to join their parents in the restaurant, making it a full family affair. In what many consider a historic event, Spat, Dante and Mom Federici perfected and introduced the "tomato pie" to New Jersey. Today, that original recipe is our famous thin crust pizza.

1950 ~ Frank's Bar becomes Federici's Restaurant.

1952 ~ Tragically in December, the hotel part of Federici's suffered a large fire that destroyed the third floor and almost half of the second. The Federicis made the difficult decision to close the rooms to boarders, but eventually turned that area into a dining room.

1980 ~ Federici's grew again, expanded the kitchen and the menu to include many delicious seafood, chicken, and veal dishes.

1983 ~ Dante Federici, oldest son and treasured friend, died in September.

1988 ~ Federici's opens its' outside dining cafe with fifteen tables. It's a huge success that still attracts happy diners from April to October.

2006 ~ Federici's Restaurant remains New Jersey's favorite family Italian restaurant and pizzeria. Spat Federici and his beautiful wife, Patsy, are frequently at their restaurant reminiscing with loyal regulars and greeting new guests. Four of their children; Mike, David, John, and Lisa help to run the restaurant.  Their oldest daughter Margie, and her husband Pat, opened "Federici's South" on 2081 HWY 9 in Howell. Their oldest son Frankie, and his wife MaryLynn, opened "Frankie Fed's" on RT 33 in Freehold.

Come down to Federici's Restaurant ~ Meet the family, enjoy our delicious food and famous pizza that has been 85 years in the making.

History of Federicis Italian Restaurant - NJ

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